What to do? Oh what to do?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Now that were all home social distancing we're wondering what our chicas are doing at home!

It's officially been of month of social distancing and we're starting to feel the boredom set in. Not to worry though! We have some tips on how to pass the time at home!

1: Complete your Latinitas Lesson of the week!

It's a no brainer no get your assignment done. They're super fun and you learn something super interesting from them! Your Program Leader would be so proud of you for turning in your assignment! We owe you a prize for when we get back into classroom!

2: Try learning a new Tik Tok dance!

You already know there is ALWAYS a new dance on Tik Tok. Don't fall behind on the trend so learn the dance and post it before everyone else does! Remember to be safe while online!

3: Draw...without looking!

Choose a picture whether its online or a picture in your home and draw it without looking! No peeking though!

4: Start a journal!

Choose a blank notebook and start writing about your days, dreams and thoughts! You could even doodle in there when words just aren't enough.

5: Yoga!

It's always good to stretch your body especially when you might be sitting for too long! Start from your arms and go all the way down to your legs. It also helps you relax!

Now that we've given you some tips, it's time for you to give us some! What have you been doing at home? Whether its reading or playing a game, let us know! We are super excited to see what you've been doing at home.

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