Cine Day 3: Reflection!

Alright chicas, we're halfway through! For today's reflection, write down what you learned about different shots and which one was your favorite one! Let us know what you really liked about today!

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Cine Day 4: EDITING

Hola chicas, we are in the final stretch! Today is all about editing. Once you're done editing for the day, upload here!

Cine Day 4: Reflection

Alright chicas, lets write about the scenes that we worked on today! What was the scene about and how did you bring to life? What was something that was a little hard for you? Base on on our discussio

Cine Day 5: Presentation

Alright chicas, today is the final day! We'll be creating our presentation for our judges! Your presentation should answer the following questions. Once your done upload your presentation here! What s